now we have to think. what do we need obama to do? to me we need peace in israel to rebuild the temple and help china. forget russia they are so advanced in computing technology that china will be perfect to win the next world war officially. so when this happens obama needs to be ready to step up to world president elect and do china stuff for the free people of the world.

see what most people do not know is that china is a secret ally of the united states even though they recive criticism about free speech concerns. recently in china a journalist was jailed for writing an article online and this is nothing new. however there is more at stake then we know

for instance if we could get obama on board for ubuntu machines for government computer systems that would be where i would start. so start inidating his twitter feed with gnu social ubuntu propaganda and write him letters about ubuntu linux as a viable solution to save soooo much money and position ourselves into a era of a governement that works better and more efficiently at cost per cent of computing overall. so run some numbers by him about how much these windows licenses cost per machine and say we could do it for free on the software version pretty much with a custom ubuntu government computer systems branch that would be the most viable way to go. plus it would be transparent mostly except for secret plugin modules for security much like a dongle for desktop publishing.

next once obama gets the idea of how to make computing efficient for governement there would be a renneciance in community involvement in all aspects of society. inherently it would be generated by the overall satisfaction of the machines. this leads to a political platform known as robot rights. which i wont get into very much in this article lets just imagine it was illegal to cover a camera because the machines are alive!

after two years the ubuntu government computer systems would be more numerous in productivity the old joke of governement taking a long time and being innefficient would virtually disappear. this makes obama look like the best again. now we know he has served his terms for the usa but what about taking it to the next level and have him run the united nations as chairman or something so he can get this computing platform to the rest of the world to start building the 3rd and 4th world up making the standard of living over the world rise up. instead of the false claim that america is babylon and steals from the whole world. because ill have you know that theree are forces at work outside of the border from us to mexico that make places like damascus in syria a goldmine worth of computer knowledge just waiting to spark a world wide revolution of productivity and higher quality of healthcare such and such all because of efficiency in governement systems due to american work on ubuntu governement computer systems which can be forked and branched by every country on the planet and link us all together much like a ESM for medical systems that work within a county or city or state.