Hello, my name is un-relevant. What matters is that I am a hacker, and I have taken the title of officiando of all things. This happened not by chance, but by careful admiration of the 'computer' and 'computer-accessories' and hard-work and determination to conquor a foreign world and make it all inclusive into my experiences and skill. This would have never come about without Super Dimension Fortress (SDF). I am just an average gifted student in school who got distracted by bones a little bit when I ran with IRL homies. 2Pac, my mentor in High School, told me, "My limo TV runs UNIX.. sssh!!." And then He pointed to the little TV in his stretch london style limo as we were getting fish and chips, when I hacked him online in 1995 on a node up in the cloud that was *NOT SDF. You see me and 2Pac were closer than I thought, it turned out I found his IP because we both used the same shared server, just by happenchance. This is relevant to show my background.. see my soul was going extinct and decaying and I was being led down the wrong path with NO ONE to stop me. Good thing I was into computers early on in the home when they came out and spent endless hours with a Packard Bell 25Mhz in the early 90's. None of the other kids had computers except one friend that I seemed to be ashamed of because my homie was a geek and not a runner with the streets. All I ever saw my nerdy friend do was play DOOM I and I was interested in how the game launched so fast from his computer, as whereis I would go back and check it after typing 'doom.exe' from my DOS-Prompt *INSIDE* Windows 3.1 graphical user environment. My nerdy friend taught me to exit to DOS *BEFORE* accessing the "DOS-Prompt" and that was all I really knew. This is important because when I found SDF, it wasn't as a kid.. it was as if my teen years had an important analogue with around the age when I turned 26 and finally made my lifetime dream of moving to Inner Kansas City out the `burbs. Off to make it in the BIG BIG CITY. That kid that helped me with my "DOOM I" game Random Access Memory choke into big harddrive allocations to make room for the Unreal Engine and fuc`in just start playing was mirrored by social connections I made in 'com', an interactive forum, on SDF. Except this time, I could stay and learn some more without some rabid nerd's mom who chases everyone and everything away from their children, while at the same time their own are playing with Plasma Blasters and the Big Fucking Gun on-screen. So I guess what I am really promoting here is are key functions that Super Dimension Fortress touched on in my life.
    communication skills
  1. command line interface pro-tips
  2. others interested in the Arts
    1. These were "KEY!" and what they did to me actually changed my life and made me realize a dangerous thing at the same time. "What if I was the worst that I possibly ever could be and figting suicidal tendencies, all the time holding on to my love of 'computers' and 'computer-accessories' that kept me alive was all of a sudden coupled with an increase in learning and knowledge into a realm of computers that no one was even seeing anymore back in 2016. What a relief! A fresh computer project. I had become bored of porn and was in a satisfying relationship with a girl from attempted college and we shared an apartment with her. (cats) anyways, this is kind of where the story starts to start but lets jump back to her. Her name is kittycat@sdf and I shared SDF with her as we spent countless hours with our laptops together with eachother, she moved to Spain after our relationship ended and we still remain friends. She made it a trip being on SDF, I will always cherish her love for cats, as I share catlove as well 4lyfe. So right there I was her lil jr.varsity sysadmin helping her get her Windows get some secure shell protocol guts via DosSockets and impressed her. Anyways this is about how it built my confidience as a representative and memeber of a special place online that helped me in the whole time I was sick in love. (HOW MANY TIMES!!!?) As with relationships i have had ups and downs with my love for computers, but I have never put a gundam ship to one in the middle of the night and early in the morning pressing the 'enter' key on the numpad into something I can't touch. We kill alien lives everyday using the computer so why not? Well as Kirk Hammet said in a bootleg tour VCD (i still own!) "why does James have so many girlfriends on and off," stracting his leotard under ripped jeans with a guitar pick over the telephone to James Hetfield who was just strumming away who replied, "Idk girlfriends come.. and they go.." At the same time instentaneously inventing "Nothing Else Matters" which sold MILLIONS. In the same way I have been inspired by my interactions on SDF via the seemingly endless communication protocols reaching out into the world wide web and earlier network protocols. Like it seems like I'll be working on my projects, look and look back and be inspired by what is goin on on and on and on at Super Dimension Fortress. This is not a commercial or spam and I want to keep writin this essay and I am coming back to a beer with a tear if I keep expoundin examples. This needs to be longer to meet the ASVAB Essay Writing Contest this year and if you read it, make a copy and share it. --lordchinchilla