what ive learned from five years of broadcasting is a lot. i mean coming from no radio experience to an amatuer dj platform was fresh and exciting and i signed up for a huge commitment at first of which i had dial back my schedule as it seems i was too ambitious with my volunteerism. now what one has to glean is that i am not the most reliable dj on the planet due mostly to equipment malfunctions and stuff like that. however when i was really committed and had a setup that worked good i found my recordings to be pretty awesome to my tastes. and i spent a lot of time listening to my shows or as they are called tapes of which varied from all music shows to talking with background music and i even have had some guests with me on air live along with some phone calls. now my approach was not exactly planned out. at first i took requests from people online and played them. then i put together some of my own shows from my mp3 collection. then i started getting fresher music from youtube-dl and that took my career to new heights as it seemed like my music and shows were so tasteful to me. what i have learned though is to mostly just let them be and let others find them online and not peruse my own galleries on the internet with music and shows that i dissemenated away from the source of the broadcast medium. i also played original mixes on the air and that was fun. my cousin and i had some recordings and even got an email from an FM station requesting to play the music so that was cool. the only problem with that was that i was two years late getting the email due to the cyberwar that started in 2006. my approach was that of what was labeled 'avant-garde' style and i was flattered with this genre i fell into. i would usually just get songs all week that i liked and play them with some talk ups or montages or just have discussions on the air. i stayed away from anything political mostly and talked mostly off the top of my head for all the shows i have done with no notes. now i would like to say this is probably not how regular broadcasting is done and i figured i wanted more planning into the shows however i just could not wrap my head around the concept of having a concept. its like almost all the shows i have done are different and it was once said that i like to keep things fresh. no way could i have reacted any more fondly to the listeners as i saw the numbers go up in listenership and the reason why i am not a regular broadcaster is like i said i keep changing computers and operating systems instead of just using what works out of the box i get into these computer projects and i do not fully understand the linux sound system. maybe that is kind of like trying to get peace in israel its like a mix of alsa pulse and whatever windows uses along with PC beep noises and no one is understanding the sound. what i have learned is that i can do a show within a day or even hours before broadcasting and i dont obsess over preparing for shows which i think is a good skill however more time should be used in preparing a set. i like live mixing songs and just being spontanious which can sometimes lead to really loud uncomfertable noises like if you pull a mic and the PC mic kicks in with whatever sound source and just goes wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnng!

my advice for budding broadcasters is that it is fun so dont make it all about the work that goes into it and just know that some people might not like the sound of their voice on tape but to many others it may be a pleasing voice. also its not about cheap thrills its more to me about establishing listenership and staying fresh on the dj kit. now there are different styles of dj that can all be mixed together its not all about hitting buttons and loops because one could do a talk show and still be considered a dj. like in israel there are many religions trying to co-exist however there is conflict. so i dont understand why i have this concept that in america we get along maybe its because nebraska is not lobbing missles at missouri or anything like that.. just hacks. so to be honest my advice is to just go with it and make whatever type of show you want and you will grow into a style that is unique. if you try to copy someone else too much it becomes unauthentic and be aware of new music and mix it with old music and realize when you need to bring the audience back together with something way familiar.

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